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Monday, May 01, 2006

Structure of Blog

While not wanting to commit to anything, I think have stumbled upon a workable format for Telebusillis.

I like the idea of generally only posting a single entry per day.

I also like the idea of posting a series of articles on a related theme. For anyone who didn’t notice last weeks theme was “Mobile 2.0”. This week is going to “Pan European Networks – Are they worth the hassle?” Next week, I’ve provisionally penciled in “The second rush for Africa”, but I might have a rethink during the week.

I also like the idea of do something different on Friday – after all it is the start of the weekend. I’ll try to keep the theme of posting on someone or some company who I feel has an interesting history in the mobile world.

Saturday and Sundays really are days for home projects and rest. So, anything can happen then.
I hope everyone is enjoying the blog.