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Monday, June 26, 2006

Alternative Broadband Strategy for Vodafone

Give it away for free* for life to all Pubs, Clubs and General Meeting Places…

*free equals Broadband Internet Access, subject to permission for installation of 3G Femtocell and perhaps PicoCell if demand is suffice.

It’s cheap and fits in with Voda's strength in the business sector.

Rather than an exercise in revenue generation, I see it more as an exercise in cost reduction. Vodafone will be able to blanket cover City Centers and the Suburbs with 3G coverage especially with the difficult to achieve indoor coverage and avoiding the expensive planning permission.

For sure, the idea is that people use 3G services more within the meeting places and Voda could even offer a bonus for allowing the installation of an external antenna.

For sure, Voda could also be extremely creative and offer with their mates from Sky a “Sports Video Jukebox” for those precious moments: I’m sure most pubs in Liverpool would watch a Golden Night in Istanbul 2005 time and time again; and the whole country would order a Golden Night in Berlin 2006 time and time again (please, please, please...)

Even better would be, if in the process, it puts another dagger in the heart of BT’s WiFi access scheme.