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Friday, June 16, 2006

Technical Support 0.2

I was in the middle of writing one of life’s great letters about fully understanding the difficulties of launching a new business, but please, please, please add extra capacity. I decide that the best method is to prove my technical heritage with various bytes of statistical data highlighting the poor performance. One problem I immediately see is that the data is not particularly bad and my stream of Jonesy’s Jukebox has been working non-interrupted post 8pm. I immediately take the ultimate speed test and find out things are not that bad either. However, some of my surfing is still struggling and then a light-bulb moment occurs…

I’ve now changed my DNS servers to point to another supplier from TalkTalk and everything appears fine. By the way, how do you manage to overload a DNS server?

A little tip for people using home networking, change the configuration on the router and not the PC and also flush the ip config on individual home network machines.

I’m going to be doing a nightly speedtest to provide real data to see how things are working across the week in future.

Keep Smiling