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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Arun’s Addiction: Mountain Song

It looks like there is going to be an embarrassing vote for the sacking of Arun Sarin at Vodafone’s AGM on Tuesday. I seriously doubt that they will be enough votes to force Sarin out that pleasure is at the discretion of the incoming chairman, Sir John Bond.

vod 10yr

The Godfather of Alternative Rock, Perry Farrell, wrote a song back in the late ‘80s which sums up my advice to Arun at the moment.

Comin down the mountain
One of many children
Everybody held their own opinion
Everybody held their own opinion
Holding it back
it Hurts so bad
Jumping out of my flesh
And I say Ahhhh

cash in
cash in now , honey
cash in now
cash in now , baby
cash in now , honey
cash in that smell
cash in now baby
Be careful of watching the video, it is a heavy song and contains a couple of X-Rated scenes – is that Bill Morrow and Paul Donovan with their heads on fire from trying to find solutions to Vodafone’s woes?

Perry Farrell with his band, Jane’s Addiction, was front and centre in the resurgence of rock after the excesses of early 80’s and is now considered as a member of rock royalty

When the history of cellular is written, I seriously doubt that Arun Sarin will be seen as more than a peripheral figure. Vodafone is still waiting for the leader who is going to return Vodafone back to the peak of the mountain.