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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Cleaning Up the Base

No sooner do I complain about Vodafone fudging it's customer numbers than Vodafone start to clean up the base. Only joking, I know my article had nothing to do with Vodacom announcing that they are removing 3.5m subscribers off its base. All I hope is that Vodafone bought another 15% of Vodacom, they didn't value the company on the basis of $/per subscriber

Feel the size – 3.5 million, that is 14% of Vodacom’s South African base and 8% of the total South African population. How ridiculous is that overstatement? - something must be done to clean up the Operator statistics worldwide.

The problem in South Africa is that inbound calls were being forwarded to voice mail accounts and generating a chargeable event and therefore the phone was not classified as inactive. In other words if a phone is turned off – ie lost or discarded – and keeps receiving inbound calls it still counts as active.

I wonder how many other operators have hugely inflated customer bases?