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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sarin Wins By Landslide

Every Western European politician would give their right arm for the sort of affirmation that Arun Sarin received this lunchtime from the shareholders.

3. Re-elect Arun Sarin as a director
Support: 33,460,492,613
Against: 3,710,627,541
Abstain: 2,219,432,723

Mind you politicians usually have to stand against someone. Arun's main challenger was not even on the ballot paper. Personally speaking, this guy would get my vote.

Even the controversial adjusted bonus targets were approved without much trouble...
15. Approve the Remuneration Report
Support: 31,427,385,227
Against: 3,357,831,297
Abstain: 4,605,368,872

I heard a rumour that it was the Arun election song and video that finally convinced the doubters. Was that Luc Vandevelde bringing in the wheelbarrow of cash? More importantly, will the dissenting shareholders now shut up for a while? Not a chance.