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Monday, September 04, 2006

AWS-1 Auction - Round 73 Summary

AWS-1 Round 73

Auction #66 is in the process of wrapping up with just 66 licenses being fought over. These licenses are predominately in the CMA band with 51 bids and with only 7 bids for the BEA B band and 8 bids for BEA C band. The biggest of these bids is for Memphis with a $19.7m bid. 53 bids are for under $1m.

The spectrum is nearly all assigned in the BEA bands with currently the only FCC held licenses in the rural areas of Lincoln, NE and Wausan, WI. Again in the CMA band nearly all the remaining spectrum (39 licenses) held by the FCC is in sparsely populated areas.

Despite, the fact there has been zero activity on the regional licenses, the auction has raised just over $2.2bn in the last two weeks. I seriously doubt that the Auction will now reach US$14bn.