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Monday, September 25, 2006

Broadband: IT Support Services

BT have announced today that are launching a new Home IT service which costs £75/1st hour and £25/30mins thereafter. This is in addition to the “Virtual Engineer” which costs £25/incident over the phone. Apparently, they have trained up a team of 2,000 engineers to meet the potential demand. I’d have a little more faith in BT’s capabilities if they hadn’t outsourced their own in-house PC services.

BT are competing against the TechGuys from the Dixon Group (owners of PC World) – on first glance they seem to have a much more comprehensive service offering and have a menu of services whether home based or instore.

But the best laugh of all is that apparently Carphone Warehouse is in talks with BestBuy to launch Geek Squad in the UK. I’d don’t know if anyone has ever spoken to a TalkTalk customer care attendant, but it is pretty obvious they are completely clueless about PC’s, networks or anything else that isn’t scripted in from of them. My advice would be to hold back on the service until the Customer Care problems at TalkTalk are fixed.

Although these services are not for me, I can imagine a reasonable sized percentage of the higher income home owners going for the service.