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Friday, September 01, 2006

Thumbs Up to PlusNet

An avid reader sent me an email speculating whether my PlusNet article of yesterday had been plagiarised by a Web 1.0 hack even down to naming of the fired executives and the liberal use of “uk broadband wars” term. To be perfectly honestly, I think life is too short to go on worrying about such trivia and at least the Web 1.0 guy had the decency to ring PlusNet and get a great quote from the Marco Potesta, the PlusNet Marketing Director - “We came clean real quick on that one, but I don't see Tiscali coming clean on that, I don't see other people coming clean.”

Given all the potential culprits to pick on, I’m slightly surprised that Mark decided to use his LLU partner. Perhaps, the relationship between LLU wholesaler and reseller is a little strained at the moment. However, I’m 100% in agreement with the general prinicple from Mark and this is one of the reasons why I am publishing my personal SpeedNet results – it is blatantly obvious that TalkTalk is ripping me off on the speed front and they are also pretty naff on the latency front.

I also think that PlusNet should be awarded 10 out of 10 for honesty and openness – I can’t think of a single medium or large sized ISP who comes anywhere close for transparency especially when there is a problem. I am firm believer that transparency is the only way for success in the bulletin board web world that we live in. PlusNet have even published their Capex plans and yes I firmly believe that replacement of Intel servers with cluster of T2000’s was an extremely wise choice. I’m quite a fan of the new Sun range of servers and I can think of a few ISPs who come from a broadcasting background who will be taking more than a passing glance at the unbelievable value offered by Sun’s new Media Servers for the forthcoming Video-on-Demand broadband services.

However, I do stand by my original statement that the small to medium ISP’s face an extremely difficult winter. In fact even if TalkTalk, Sky and the rest of the LLUers make a complete mess and the broadband industry faces churn on a Cellular scale, I think people will return to the dependable and trusted BT rather the smaller players.

By the way, if anyone feels the need to dish the dirt on the ISP or Mobile industry: feel free to email me, I can guarantee confidentiality and much better customer service than the Web 1.0’ers.

I am especially interested in the roll-out of LLU equipment and given todays comments from OTA about the poor performance of delivery of co-located LLU equipment and the graph of backhaul delivery I can guarantee that there will be a few executives are pulling their hair out.


I also saw that the adjudicator noted that bulk migration throughput volumes have dropped in the last few weeks primarily due to specific systems, process & infrastructure problems. Didn’t Charles Dunstone with typical bravado at the launch of TalkTalk broadband say he’d sue BT for each penny that Carphone Warehouse lost due to late delivery? Let’s see if he walks the walk or it is just hot air. He even admits he is hurting to quote from his latest blog entry:
"It's been a bruising experience for everyone at Carphone Warehouse; we are used to being 'the good guys' and it's tough when things don't go as well as we'd hoped."

Charles had better up the speed soon or else he may be discovering a few new bruises.