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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

UK LLU: Pump Up the Volume

OpenReach is picking up the pace of LLU unbundling and in the week ending 24-Sep unbundled a record weekly total of 32,340 lines to bring the cumulative to 809,489 lines. In addition, it looks as if they have got the partial unbundling processes cracked with 99.76% of the orders processed within agreed deadlines - average 9 days, however for full unbundling only 90% are delivered on time with the average being 12 days. What is the amazing detail in the statistics is the percentage of fully unbundled orders rejected – 24.44% non-fatally and 5.58% fatally. A huge 30% of all full unbundling orders are being rejected.

I wonder which full unbundler is providing naff data to OpenReach?

Admittedly, it is not a mega-expensive mistake with OpenReach only charging £10 for each fatal rejection and another £10 for each order amendment (non-fatal), but these charges add-up over time.