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Monday, November 13, 2006

BT Wholesale Price Changes

It is too early to provide an intelligent analysis of the new BT’s Wholesale Pricing announced this morning that will require a serious amount of spreadsheet time.

It is worth noting that these prices only apply to IPStream and not DataStream customers. Similarly, these prices do not apply to the 21CN product which is going to be called Wholesale BroadBand Connect.

Most tellingly is the following excerpt from OFCOM’s reply:
“…As there is no ex-ante regulatory requirement for BT to inform us of proposed pricing changes, we are grateful to you for sharing your plans with us in advance.
Our strategic view is that it is in the best interests of consumers if wholesale broadband prices continue to be determined by the mrket and not regulation.”
In other words you’re free to do whatever you like.

I give it a couple of days before Charles Dunstone and John Pluthero start screaming. I suspect James Murdoch will be thinking along the lines of “Revenge is a dish best served via content…”