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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ntl / Telewest commences Throttling

No we are not talking about James Murdoch, we are talking about their Broadband products. Ntl & Telewest have made much marketing noise about their “unlimited” service. Well, it is limited now.

I cannot think of a one large Broadband supplier who now do not deploy bandwidth management techniques. A little known consequence of this is that it might effectively kibosh the BBC planned p2p distribution method of on-demand content and force them to negotiate with the big ISPs.

Effectively if every ISP in the UK is allowed to throttle to their hearts content discriminating against non-favoured traffic The UK ISPs will achieve their US colleague’s dreams by the backdoor.

According to OFCOM, if anybody who wants to complain they can use Competition Law. This is a great idea for the mega-corporations, but for Joe Public is a complete non-starter.