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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Yesterday, in the great petty bureaucrat boxing game the EU Information Society and Media Commissioner Vvyvan Reding landed a couple of heavy blows against the UK regulator, OFCOM.

The first blow was a naked display of power by the EU in publicly chastising OFCOM for trying to allow the UK Mobile Operators to attempt to get a return on their 3G investment. This was very much an appeal to the UK consumers that the EU would get better pricing for your calls than the UK regulator, if they were allowed to be the supa-regulator.

The second blow was by reopening the festering wound that was the 3G spectrum auction. Every EU country received a lot less than the UK and Germany in the 3G spectrum licensing and were extremely upset to miss out on what they thought was an undeserved bonanza for the UK & German taxpayers. The EU strategy is to open this wound at every opportunity in their quest for the power of developing cross-EU spectrum sales.

I still think the reign of Vyvyan is close to ending.