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Monday, November 27, 2006

Sky Anytime

Sky appears to have re-branded Sky by Broadband and Sky Mobile service to Sky Anytime. I must confess to thinking to the original “Sky by Broadband” name a little naff and limiting. Obviously, the Sky marketing folks have put their collective brains together and come up with something a little better.

Next, we need the Sky technical brains to exercise their grey matter and get rid of the rubbish P2P software as a means of video-on-demand distribution. I have nothing against the software per se, I just object to sharing my scarce TalkTalk bandwidth. And, this is before the "IQ challenged" at TalkTalk start throttling my P2P applications. However, I get a funny feeling that a non-P2P option will only exist for Sky Broadband subscribers.

I have no doubt that Sky is creating two classes of citizens those who pay for the Sky broadband distribution network and those semi-believers who subscribe to Sky, but don’t take Sky Broadband. The latter will be forced to share their bandwidth with the rest of the semi-believers, further reinforcing the value of the Sky bundle.