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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Virgin Mobile Giving It Away

Virgin Mobile in their infinite wisdom have decided to give away SIM cards with £5 credit on them. I’ve even ordered a couple for myself even though I have no intention whatsoever of using them.

This is on top of the wheeze of subsidizing Pre-paid handsets and taking the premier role in the Carphone Christmas promotion for Cath Kidston designed handsets, which are rumoured not to be a big seller. I am waiting for a last minute slashing of the price of these handsets as confirmation.

I expect to see at Q4 reporting season, NTL saying Virgin Mobile subscribers are up and profits are down. I also expect NTL will not reveal how many post-paid or even quad play customers they have. I would argue that Virgin Mobile would not be giving away SIM cards if all was going well.

Virgin Mobile is going to the dogs extremely quickly.