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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Apple iPhone: Design Wins

EETimes are reporting the Chip Winners as:
According to a report from FBR Research, the winners are Samsung Electronics (applications/video processor), Marvell (802.11), Infineon Technologies (baseband), Broadcom Corp. (touch screen controller), and Cambridge Silicon Radio (Bluetooth).

FBR believes that Apple has contracted with Taiwan suppliers for six million units this year, with an option for another three million units if demand is good. The phone is slated to go on sale in Apple and Cingular Wireless stores in June, with a hefty price tag of $499 (4GByte) and $599 (8GByte) — and that apparently already includes the subsidy from Cingular based on a two-year contract.

I guess Infineon are breathing a huge sign of relief after the demise of BenQ-Siemens Mobile.

The most interesting win for me is the use of the Mac OS/X which when all is said and done is really just a flavour of UNIX with an extremely fancy front-end. I predict this will eventually give UNIX a huge kick forward in the mobile space. This is great news as the Mobile OS of the future will almost certainly now have three players rather than just Symbian and Windows.