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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Christmas Mobile Websites

Mobile Today announced (via Hitwise data) that O2 was the leader in Christmas online traffic with 21.96% market share. As expected, Virgin Mobile (4.09%) and 3UK (2.36%) languish near the bottom. Once, the Carphone (15.98%) other online identities, e2save (4.46%) and OneStopPhoneShop (1.28%) are taken into account, Carphone comes perilously close to being the #1 Website. It is not just on the High Street that they know how to attract traffic.

As the web becomes more and more important as a sales channel these type of metrics will be closely followed. Orange (12.75%) and Vodafone (9.9%) must have as a New Years Resolution to attract more traffic to their respective sites. Despite all the noise coming from these two companies about the web, it is telling that they are currently lagging. It doesn't bode well for them in the future.