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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

TalkTalk Unbundled

I was switched onto the TalkTalk network last night and everything went as promised. The service came down at 0:55am (voice and data) and by lunchtime today the telephony was up and running. I tested the internet connection at 5pm and everything was functioning correctly after a reboot of the router. The raw DSL speed is 448 Kbps Upstream, 3360 Kbps Downstream.I am getting 365 Kbps Upstream, 2593 Kbps Downstream at the IP level according to Speedtest and 360 Kbps Upstream, 2131 Kbps Downstream at the IP level according to Think Broadband.

Amazingly, I am actually pretty pleased so far with the experience and hoping my speed will settle higher once the rate adaption phase of provisioning is over. I’m also dreaming of a stable TalkTalk DNS.