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Friday, March 09, 2007

Q4 reporting season fizzling out

The nominations for this quarters awards are as follows:
"Biggest Positive Surprise"
Award - Neuf Cegetel
It causes me great personal pain to admit that France is streets ahead of the UK in the broadband market: both Neuf Cegetel and Iliad are showing great innovation not only in services and speed but also in equipment.

"The future looks Bright" Award – British Telecom
The powerhouse that is BT Global Services continues to rumble on and with the new Chairman being a world expert in building successful global services companies we can see where the future lies. The rumoured buy of Dimension Data would be extremely interesting at the right price.

"In deep Doo-dah" Award - Deutsche Telekom
The poor new CEO has been given a real hospital pass: really needs a young Margaret Thatcher to solve long term problems in the home market of Germany.

"Chickens are about to come home to roost" Award – Telenor
Risk, risk, risk, risk and overvaluation of overseas assets.

"Something doesn't smell right" Award – FastWeb
Enough Said

Overall a great quarter and it looks as if the Rev. Enck much discussed M.A.D strategy is drawing to a rapid conclusion. However, rather than a WWII style of war ending through victory, it is more a WWI style of ending through economic exhaustion. Remember the seeds for WWII were sown in the settlement of WWI…

Things are not completely quiet and we always have the BSkyB-Virgin Media battle to keep us entertained, which should move into “Round 3 – My Brand is Bigger Than Yours” phase next week with the BSkyB brand positioning event on Wednesday.