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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

State of LLU Britain

The hardest working mapper of Broadband Britain has been busy beavering away updating his databases.

Sky had an amazing Feb unbundling a total of 57 exchanges in the month to take its homes passed to 14.4 million and a total of 836 exchanges, which is now a larger footprint than Virgin Media.

O2 is also busy and now has uploaded its plans for a total of 833 exchanges of which 557 have been unbundled. Peter Erksine said a launch of the O2 Home would take place in Q2 and given yesterdays news from the Czech Republic I’d be amazed that if IPTV services wasn’t on the menu as well as telephony and data.

Although Carphone keeps its data extremely close to its chest, it is well known that they are also busy bees unbundling as fast as budgets and Openreach permit - the current state of the Carphone network is unknown.

The rest of the LLU crew seem extremely quiet which makes me think who Virgin Media will pick as its wholesale partner. There is a problem with picking people with a small footprint as it will mainly overlap with the cable coverage. They need someone with as wide as possible coverage of rural Britain.

Could we be awaiting a shock link up of Virgin Media and BT?