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Thursday, May 17, 2007

DDR Auctions get the Commons stamp of approval

The House of Commons Committee has spoken and the intense lobbying by the broadcasters and mobile operators has come to nought:
100. Although we will continue to listen to the arguments, we do not believe that a persuasive case has yet been made to justify reserving spectrum for High Definition Television following digital switchover, and we endorse Ofcom's approach in not favouring any particular technology or application in the framework being drawn up for re-allocation of spectrum under the Digital Dividend Review. However, we do recognise the special case of the programme-making and special events (PMSE) sector which risks losing access to spectrum it has traditionally enjoyed as a result of switch-off and we believe that it is essential that an acceptable solution to their difficulties be found.
OK, the luvvies in the theatre world look as if they are going to get some free spectrum, but this was always the least costly for the taxpayer of the three groups of spectrum beggars.

Mind you, it does help that our upcoming Prime Minister, Gordo, is completely skint at the moment and the auctions offer a route for the replenishment of the empty government coffers.