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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

EU Roaming - Law of Unintended Consequences

I’m off to sunny Spain later this summer for a spot of rest and recreation, unfortunately under today’s EUs proposals my cost of calling home is actually going to up.

Vodafone Passport Tariff:
Calling Home: 75p call setup charge + UK bundle charge
Inbound: 75p call setup charge + free
EU proposal:
Outbound: €0.49/minute (33.5p) Inbound: €0.24/minute (16.5p)
So if my outbound calls are 3 minutes or longer and my inbound are 5 minutes or longer – I will end up paying more.

It is even worse for my Irish friends who frequently travel back to the UK – they will now be paying roaming fees whereas in the past they weren’t – and that covered all networks.

Roaming Moaning Reding can shout as much as she likes about the benefits to consumers of the recently imposed roaming regulations, but unfortunately for her the law of unintended consequences are about to kick-in and some people are going to start paying more rather than less. I hate to think about the potential increases that some multinationals are facing.

I would recommend to all mobile operators that they as a group be particularly spiteful to all MEPs who are currently on reduced international call packages and up the price to the EU sanctioned level.