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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

NetServices / 186k

Netservices and 186k have announced a deepening of their relationship:
Under the agreement NetServices will transfer 174 of its consumer focused wholesale broadband reseller contracts (including approximately 23,000 end user lines) to 186k which will also assume the liability for the required BT central pipes and 5 NetServices employees will transfer with the business. Up to £285,000 of the total consideration receivable will be used to settle user migration charges levied by BT. NetServices will retain ownership of 23 profitable reseller contracts which will be managed by 186k in return for a monthly revenue share arrangement.

I hate to blow my own trumpet but I predicted something along these lines back in November. Note, Dominic Marrocco owns 186k. I still think there are plenty more episodes to come on the Netservices / Dominic Marrocco story.