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Thursday, May 10, 2007

UK Unbundling Slowdown

The latest llu kpi figures from Openreach covering the week ending 6th May show a marked slowdown with only 45.8k gross unbundled and 35.4k net unbundled. This is down from what now looks like a peak at the quarter end week of 1st Apr of gross 86.5k and net 73.6k.

This is big news as in Q1, Sky were claiming only 33% of unbundling activity with a 26k per week run rate. Carphone were also doing 20k a week. Someone somewhere is missing their forecasted orders and I suspect that it isn’t Sky as they had an order book of over 100k on the 28th April.

Also, I remain amazed that we aren't yet seeing huge bulk unbundles from the likes of Tiscali and Orange from their reseller base on an exchange by exchange basis.

No luck for Carphone either in the ELF figures which showed 28-day fault rates on MPF are still extremely high at 8.1%. Meanwhile, Carphone have upped the price of their resold product by £5/month.