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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

PSP Boondoggle Miraculously Finds a Leader

Tom Loosemore is the lucky appointed one.

For those not in the know he is currently Project Director for Web 2.0 at the beeb, including responsibility for the iPlayer. As per normal, MediaGuardian have some great quotes:
"I think it is healthy to have public media produced natively, and I have been interested in the idea of a public service publisher from the outset. It is my dream gig."
I think anyone would love to swap a job with responsibility for actually having to deliver something for a job playing Santa Claus giving away £50m -£100m of tax payers money per YEAR.

However, the best quote is left to Ashley Highfield his old boss at the beeb:
“I hope to continue discussions with Tom over the PSP and work with Ofcom over whether the PSP is a workable proposition."
Ouch, even his old boss at the taxpayer funded beeb seems to think that the PSP might be a gravy train too far.