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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bad Quarter for Unbundling Volumes

The OpenReach statistics for 2007Q2 have been prepared and 2,423,567 lines in the UK are now unbundled.

This represents 678k orders processed for the quarter and a net increase in lines of 514k. This implies an annualised churn of 30.3% using an average base for the quarter of 2,167k.

The Q1 comparatives were 762k orders processed and 615k lines added with an annualised churn of 36.9%.

Obviously volumes have dropped and either one or all of the main unbundlers are suffering.

The quality indicators still seem to be wildly erratic with shared LLU (SMPF) still vastly outperforming fully unbundled (MPF) lines. For instance the key error rate (28-day ELF) indicator is 0.79% for SMPF and 6.64% for MPF. Order performance has vastly improved with 99.8% of SMPF and 98.1% of MPF orders delivered on time.