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Monday, July 02, 2007

TalkTalk Double Play Entry Price Reduced

The TalkTalk entry price is now down to £16.39/month. The big difference between this and the previous £20.49/month is that Unlimited Daytime Calls to UK Geographical number are included on the £20.49/month package.

Amazingly, this is not the cheapest entry price on the market which goes to Tiscali with its £14.99/month offer which to be fair is for only a 2-meg connection and includes weekend geographic calls. Tiscali also has a smaller LLU footprint claiming to cover only 52% of the country compared to TalkTalk claims of 70% coverage.

I’m not sure whether the reduction in prices reflect a smaller amount of net adds for both companies in Q2. From the Openreach KPIs released so far, it appears that there has been a slowdown in both gross and net adds from Q1.