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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Carphone: Full Court Press for iPhone Distribution

Mobile Today is reporting that Carphone have opened an Apple store within a Carphone Warehouse store on Oxford Street in London.
Carphone's store staff are gearing up for the opening of the main attraction – the 'Apple house' – which will show consumers the concept of wireless living by displaying laptops, TV screens, iPods and music speaker systems in various rooms. The store offers Apple TV for £250 and the AirPort Extreme Base Station for £119.99, which creates wireless television displays of podcasts, pre-recorded YouTube content, movies, music and photos with an iPod-style menu on screen.
Carphone will basically do anything to convince Apple that it should be a UK distributor for the iPhone. My money is on Carphone winning the debate and making plenty of money out of the deal in the long run. For all their flaws in Telecoms Services, Carphone really are literally streets ahead of the rest of the crowd in retailing.