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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

OFCOM Communications Report: The BBC

A brief look at BBC statistics contained within the 2007 OFCOM Communications Report highlight the following shocking facts:

a) Poor and Young Subsidising the Rich and Old

The flat tax approach of the licence fee has always seemed inequitable; the viewing figures of the main Entertainment channels seem to reinforce this view.


The OFCOM graph show the richer that you are the more likely you are to watch BBC One and Two. The same graph illustrates that the Young are also subsidising the Old. This is especially true when you consider that a household containing just ONE over-75 has its licence fee paid by the general taxpayer. These over-75 households accounts for 4.0m households out of a total of 25.1m license payers or £486.6m out of a total revenue of £3,242.9m.

b) PayTV Viewers Subsidising Analogue only viewers

The higher the programming choice, the less people watch the BBC.


c) Poor Performance Rewarded by Higher Revenues

As audience share declines…


…revenues increase


The only conclusion that can be drawn from the data is the date of reformation of BBC funding is drawing closer.